7 Tips To Coloring Your Hair


If you are thinking about coloring your hair on your own yet you are worried that you will make everything chaotic, don’t worry. You can do the process on your own, as long as you pay attention to the correct tips for healthy hair so your hair will stay healthy and fine.

Here are some things that you can do when you are coloring your hair, as suggested by the professional hair experts.

  • Pay attention to the color section. Be sure that you choose 2 hues for the natural hair color. Be sure that they match each other and they come within the range. When you pick the colors outside the hair shade range, the color will look odd, unnatural, and unflattering for your style. Instead of looking good, the new color will make you look chaotic.
  • Always read the instructions carefully. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and thoroughly before applying the color. If it is necessary, re-read the instructions again and again. Pay attention to the details, like the coloring time length, the process, and many others.
  • Be sure to make good sections. If you want your hair to look professional and stylish, pay attention to the correct ways of sectioning your hair. Color one section carefully at a time. part your hair down to the middle. Make a horizontal parting side behind the ear and trace the part all the way across the hair. You should have 4 main regions and clip them. You are ready to start then!
  • Be sure to cover up. Use dark or older towel to drape your shoulders. Be sure to cover up the floor as well. When you are coloring your hair on your own, you will tend to splash drips – although you may not try to avoid such things from happening. Covering up will make sure that your furniture, clothes, or floor will be just fine.
  • Try to make a list of available helpers. You can always ask for help from friends, families, or even the neighboring kids.
  • Always start from the roots. One of the best tips for healthy hair about coloring the hair is starting from the roots and then you can apply it to the ends.
  • Pay attention to your hair’s condition. After the coloring, be sure that you keep your hair healthy by using moisturizing or conditioner that is color safe. The products will seal off the new shade and avoid early fading. Your hair will also look shiny and bright.

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