How to Perfect Your Curly Hair

Go Natural


If you have curly hair, you know how hard it can be to tame.  You may have avoided going outside in the rain, swimming with your head under water, and humidity-ridden locations, like Florida — the aftermath just isn’t cute.

Have you spent hours and hours going against nature, attempting to straighten your hair with a flat iron with no such luck? Now’s a good time to stop fighting and start embracing.

Go natural and let your curly hair shine. Follow these 10 steps, and your curly hair will look healthy and beautiful in no time!


1. Clarify with a Sulfate Shampoo


Eventually, curly-haired girls need to get rid of shampoos containing sulfates, because it strips away the hair’s natural moisture. However, before you give it up for good, give your hair one last wash to cleanse your hair of any silicones. If you use silicone products in your hair, they will remain there, as they are not water-soluble.

Try Pantene Pro-V Dry to Moisturized Shampoo for curly hair, available at drugstores.


2. Get a Trim

Hairstylist Cutting Hair

Curly hair can’t afford to be weighed down. Get a trim every four to six months to get rid of damage and split ends. If you’re looking for a change, add some layers to your style to add bounce and volume to your curls.


3. Trade Your Brush for a Wide-Toothed Comb


Brush bristles can damage curly hair and create more frizz. Instead of brushing wet or dry hair, use a wide-toothed comb to separate curls when they’re wet, or better yet, just use your fingers. There’s no need to comb curly hair unless you’re trying to remove knots and tangles.


4. Let Go of Your Shampoo


After you use a clarifying shampoo one last time, it’s time to give the stuff up. Most shampoos contain harsh, drying sulfates that are damaging to curly hair.

Instead, use a light conditioner to clean your hair. If you’re worried about product build-up, use a gentle shampoo (without sulfates) once or twice a week to get rid of anything that the conditioner might leave behind.

Try Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Shampoo, available online for $7.


5. Wash Your Scalp with Conditioner


Don’t be intimidated by washing with a light conditioner, especially if you have coarse, frizzy hair. Get your hair wet in the shower, then distribute conditioner on your scalp and massage with your fingertips. The friction will remove dirt, dandruff and product residue. Once evenly distributed, rinse thoroughly as you continue to massage your scalp.

Try Suave Naturals Conditioner, available for less than $2 at drugstores.


6. Apply a Heavier Conditioner

TREsemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner

With the lighter conditioner acting as a cleanser, you’ll need to use a heavier conditioner to detangle and moisturize. Distribute conditioner evenly, focusing on the ends of your hair, then let it sit for five minutes before rinsing.

Try TREsemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner, available at drugstores.


7. Lock in Shine with Cold Water

cold water

Before getting out of the shower, run your hair under cold water for a few seconds. This final rinse will decrease frizz and lock in shine.


8. Scrunch Hair Dry with Paper Towel


Drying curly and wavy hair with bath towels will only increase frizz. Instead, scrunch curls dry with paper towels or an old t-shirt. Don’t roll your hair into a towel and let it sit there while you get ready — this will only make it harder for you to shape your hair when you take it down.


9. Apply Products

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse.

Once your hair is free of excess moisture, put product in your hands and rub together. When the product is warm, scrunch it into your hair in sections, twisting curls into place as you go.

Try a silicone-free gel or mousse, like Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse.


10. Dry and Set

frizzy hair

If you have time to let your hair air dry, it’s the easiest and gentlest way to go. If you don’t want to go outside with wet hair, partially dry your hair with a diffuser, then let the rest air dry. Don’t touch your hair while it is trying; it will create frizz.

Once dry, spray hair with a finishing spray, like Aussie’s Catch the Wave Sprunch Hairspray, for added hold throughout your day.

Remember, this method may take time and practice at first, but after a few weeks, you’ll be wearing those curls with confidence!


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