Best Organic Beauty Products

sgreat silky hairBeauty is an aesthetic perception of a person or object. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” so what one perceives as beautiful may differ from what the next person deems beautiful. Some research shows that physical human beauty is generally perceived subconsciously  based on the symmetry of a person’s facial features. Men and women have historically gone to great lengths to be perceived as beautiful.



shampoo and conditioner

John masters organics lavender rosemary shampoo for normal hair and citrus & neroli detangler ($16 ea. for 8 oz;john masters) are made with certified organic ingredients that ensure a great hair day everyday!

The rosemary lavender shampoo is free of sodium lauryl sulfate, a known posion that is responsible for the suds in shampoo and many other products. Instead, it contains decyl glucoside, a natural alternative. It has 15 certified organic ingredients, including:

  • rosemary
  • soy protein
  • lavendar

The Citrus & Neroli detangler can be used as a rinse-out or leave-in treament and contains 17 certified organic ingredients. Neroli soothes a dry scalp, and coconut oil adds shine!




NVEY ECO Organic Moisturizing Liquid Foundation ($46.50/1 oz; Skinbotanica) is the perfect starting point for aflawless face. It contains

  • chamomile, which has calming properties
  • cucumber extract, which cools skin
  • calendula, which has antibacterial properties.

It also contains ingredients like thyme, rosemary, lavendar flower, and cinnamon bark, which make it the perfect all-natural primer.




For the perfect pop of color, Vapour Aura Multi-Use Blush ($28; Vapour Beauty) is a great organic alternative to regular blush. It is made of 70 percent certified organic ingredients and 30 percent mineral pigments and vegetables. A little color goes a long way with this blush!

It can also be used on eyes and lips, which makes this little blush well worth the price!




Made with 100 percent natural origin ingredients, Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara($9.95; Physician’s Formula) is one if the most affordable organic products on the market!

This mascara contains natural ingredients:

  • olive leaf
  • beeswax
  • cucumber fruit extract
  • orange fruit water
  • soybean oil.  

It is 100 percent free of ingredients commonly found in regular mascaras, such as parabens, synthetic preservatives, fibers, and dyes. Adding to its appeal: the applicatior is 100 percent recyclable and environmentally friendly!

It also comes in jumbo and lash boosting options.




Once again, NVEY products make an appearance on this list, with NVEY ECO eyeshadow ($29.95; NVEY ECO) among the best organic eyeshadows on the market!

NVEY ECO eyeshadow is made from certified organic ingredients, such as jojoba seed oil, corn starch, and carrot seed oil. It also contains antioxidants and vitamin C, which provide great health benefits for your eyes. The brush is eco friendly, too! This eyeshadow gives you dramatic color without the harsh chemicals and additives of regular eyeshadow.




For a long-lasting eyeliner that highlights your eyes for the daytime and makes your eyes dramatic for nighttime, look no further than tarte emphasEYES eyeliner ($18; tarte).

EmphasEYES eyeliner contains organic ingredients:

  • aloe leaf
  • mineral pigments
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin E.

It is free of fragrances, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, pthalates, and other chemicals and additives found in regular eyeliners. Tarte is an environmentally conscious company too, from their products to the soy ink on their packaging.




It’s hard to think of a product you would want to be free of chemicals and posions more than lipstick–just think of how much lipstick you accidentally ingest! Thank heavens, then, for organic lipsticks. NVEY ECO Advance Care Lip Color($29.95; NVEY ECO) is one of the best organic lipsticks on the market. (You’ve probably figured out by now that NVEY ECO is highly regarded as one of the best organic cosmetic companies!)

This lipstick contains organic ingredients such as castor oil, beeswax, shea butter, and caranuba. It also has vitamin E to smooth lips. It comes in more than 16 colors, so there is probably a shade of Advance Care Lip Color for you!


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