Which Beauty Products Are Harmful?

Nail Polish


Nail polish may be a beauty staple, but many varieties contain the chemical formaldehyde. This ingredient helps to preserve the color on our nails, but it is a known carcinogen and can be so harmful that many countries have made it illegal to put into cosmetics. Other dangerous chemicals in nail polish include DBP, which can affect the reproductive system, and toluene, which can irritate the eyes, throat and lungs and even cause birth defects. 


Skin Cream


Propylene Gylcol, used in industrial antifreeze for heavy machinery and automobiles, is an additive used in some skin products. Exposure to such a chemical can cause a range of reactions, from skin irritation to kidney failure and liver abnormalities.




If you like some definition to your eyes, just make sure that your mascara is free of an ingredient known as thimerosal, which contains mercury, a neurotoxin. The ingredient can cause conjunctivitis and eyelid rashes, so read your labels carefully. 




Toothpaste is a daily essential, but if yours contains sodium lauryl sulfates, you should switch to another brand. While these chemicals are part of what helps make that paste nice and foamy, they are also used in cleaning products and have been linked to cancer


Hair Bleach


Severely color-treated hair can result in more than just split ends and dry roots. Some hair bleaches containhydroquinone, a chemical that could cause cancer and even interrupt your reproductive function.




Some shampoos contain propylene glycol that can also be found in skin creams and could cause kidney failure. Some shampoos also contain dibutyl phthalate, a toxin that can decrease your immune responses and affect yourreproductive health




Many antiperspirants include chemicals like propylene glycol and talc, as well as a concentration of aluminum, which may cause breast cancer


Perfume and Cologne


According to a recent study of name brand products, 30 hidden chemicals were found that were not listed on fragrance bottles. These ingredients can cause allergic reactions, cancer and reproductive issues.




Like fragrances, lipstick also contains hidden ingredients, such as methylparaben, propylparaben, and retinyl palmitate, which have their own slew of associated health risks. Many of these chemicals are used aspreservatives and can cause irritations, cancers, and birth issues.


Talcum Powder


This soft substance can help keep your skin nice and smooth, but studies claim that it can be harzardous, showing a possible connection between the product and ovarian cancer


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